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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Away .......

Well It was a Tuesday night. Nobody expects shit to happen on a Tuesday night.....Friday night, Saturday Night or even Sunday night...those are the nights people expect things to happen but on a Tuesday???? Nah..... However, this incident took place on a Tuesday night! So my parents were out of town and like every spoilt kid waiting for an opportunity like this....I decided to spend the evening out with my friends.

Tuesday evening came....I went for  movie with my cousin (Pirates of the Caribbean....On Stranger Tides). After the movie I went out to have a few drinks with my friends at a local cafe that we usually hang out. Around 10pm we decided we should go for a drive so my friend and I, and my friend's friends(who had come from Bombay and Calcutta) hopped into the car and we drove along as the town-on-a-hill was retiring for the day. We went uphill further into the woods and then came upon an isolated area. We got some booze and snacks and sat there, telling each other spooky ghost stories and other stuff. It had been a little more then thirty minutes, when I saw some lights headed our way. It was pitch dark and at first, I thought it was a vehicle. (probably a motor cycle or something). The next moment....we could as well have jumped right off that cliff. There were two cops standing in front of us with flash lights! I knew that moment I was dead!

In a rough and authoritative voice, one of the cops shouted, "What the hell are you kids doing here at this hour?"
I didn't speak. My friend answered him.
Obviously the cops noticed the booze around and started interrogating us in that same tone. He asked us our names and the names of our fathers etc! In all that scary situation, one of  the cops asked me what caste I belonged to. Turns out he and I belonged to the same caste. So...things turned around. Slowly the tone of the voice changed. It got sweet. Then I started with the sweet-talking, "Well we are extremely sorry that we are causing you so much trouble but our friends just got here from the cities and we were showing them around."
Then, the cop went "You show them around during the day, not like this at night, okay?" he sweetly added.
"Sorry once again officers but we will never do this again." Then we went on to talk about how we meant no harm and the cops went on to explain how hard it is for them to do their duty. Then we talked about what place we came from and our backgrounds and they did the same. It was like making new friends in a new place and getting really really friendly!!!
The cops even went out to be extra nice to the city people and suggested they sit in the car for the air might be too chilly for them! They also apologized for ruining their vacation!
As we were getting into the vehicle, one of them even advised, "Do not drink and drive!"
"Yes, Sir" the response and we were out of sight!!!!

I think my friends and I were real lucky that the shit didn't get out of hand and somehow luck favoured us. For the past years I've been in cities, doing illegal shit and not been caught even once. The truth about this country is, whoever has the power of authority can fuck you up a zillion times and can fuck you up real good. Thats what normally happens when cops get into the scene; But man...were we lucky?!?!?!

Well that don't mean I am going to be a goody-two-shoes now on. Of course, I will go on breaking the laws but I only hope I get away with it each time :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


                                      SEWANEY is a greeting like Namaste, used by the RAIs

I belong to the RAI community. It is an ancient, indigenous and ethnolinguistic group of the Himalayan region, as described by Wikipedia. The word Rai, is derived from the word, Raya. The Rayas were the Kings of Nepal in the earlier times. However they were defeated by the Shahas in 1832 and thereafter known as Rais. The Rai people along with Limboos, Yakkas etc belong to the Khambu region and are collectively known as Kirat Khambus.

In twenty-four years of my existence, I attended the first Sakewa celebration held at Namchi, South Sikkim on the 23rd of May 2011. Sakewa is an important festival of the RAI community. It is celebrated to offer prayers and seek blessings from Mother Nature. The festival falls on fifteenth day of the fifth month(Baisakh) of the Nepalese Calender. Prayers are conducted by the priests, called "Mangpa." The drum or 'Hongken' plays a significant part in the ritual. A person beats a drum throughout and the Mangpa dances to the beat. Three stones or Lungs are placed together to make a fire or Samkha. The three Lungs are:
                                                            Mangpa: A Rai Priest

Prayers are offered to ancestors around the fire and food offerings are made. The Rais originally practiced Animism or Ancestral Worship. However with time, most of them have converted to Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism.
The dances, known as Sili, are performed. The Sili dance is an art which mimics the characteristics of the animals and the birds in the sowing season.

The Sakewa celebration in Namchi, started at 12 noon with the arrival of the Chief Minister, Mr. Pawan Kumar Chamling, who was the Chief Guest for the day. The venue for the event was Bhaichung Stadium, Namchi. There were various stalls and kiosks built around which showcased and highlighted things made by or belonging to the Rai community. The welcome address was made by Mr. S.K Rai, who is a dentist by profession and the President of the Akhil Kirat Rai Sangh, Sikkim.

                                                                    Suptulung Sili

The first programme was the Suptulung Sili dance, performed by Gom Block, South Sikkim. The most attractive part of the dance was the two main singers. A little boy and a little girl sang the song while the dancers moved to the beat and rhythm accordingly.

                             Mr. Jiten Rai, Mr Nabin Rai, Ms. Menka Rai & Ms.Pavitra Rai from Nepal

Crossing Geographical barriers, four singers had come from Nepal, led by Mr. Jiten Rai. They sang songs, praising Parohang and Summina, who are believed to be the creators and the main ancestors of the RAI people.

                                                                The Chasum Sila

Purano Namchi performed the Chasum Sila dance. This dance is an action sequence of how the first seed is sown, the field work, right up to how the harvesting is done and the food eaten. The careful demonstration of every action is not just interesting to watch but also very fascinating that It often makes one eager to learn the dance.

                                                                    The Sew Sili

Central Pandom performed the Sew Sili dance. In this dance, the dancers shout along and like other silis, the movement of animals and birds are mimicked.

                                                                        The Mang Sili

The Kirat Khambu Rai Samsthan of Bagdogra performed the Mang Sili. I particularly enjoyed this one as there were two middle-aged men playing the drum as the dancers moved around to their beats. The men seemed full of energy and the audience were captivated and clapped along with them.

                                                              Modern Rai Dance: Lakh

Melli, South Sikkim performed the Modern Rai Dance or the Lakh. Their modern short sarees and movements indicated the influence adopted from various modern dances, however, the originality of the Sili remained intact.

                               The Honourable Chief Minister of Sikkim, Dr. Pawan Kumar Chamling

The Chief Minister then went on stage to deliver his speech. As usual, when he spoke, we all listened. He stressed on how important the identity of each community of Sikkim was. He also pointed out that just because he belonged to the RAI community, did not mean that Sakewa was the only important festival of the state. He said we should be tolerant towards all communities and their festivals. That was the only way to "Go Back to our roots" and at the same time, not only grow but evolve!

                                                    Aparajita Rai, being felicitated by the CM

Then the Chief Minister felicitated Ms. Aparajita Rai and Ms. Raksha Rai. The former is a great example for not just people of the RAI community but for youth all over the state. Ms. Aparajita Rai has cleared her Union Public Service Commission exams. As most people know, a lot of hard-work is required for one to clear the civil exams. This girl did it and has made every Sikkimese proud.

                                           Ms. Raksha Rai, being felicitated by the CM

Ms. Raksha Rai is a student of Deorali Girls School, Gangtok. She had taken part in a competition organized by the Fox History and Entertainment Channel. She chose to narrate her tale about Sakewa. Out of several hundred students who took part in the competition, Raksha stood fourth. Now her essay is being converted into a documentary, which will be produced by the channel and aired on the show called, "My City, My History." What a remarkable achievement for a youngster and what an example to follow!


Then, lunch was served. The meal consisted of the authentic rice dish, known as Wachipa. There were also Smoked Chicken, Homo Washa and Smoked Pork, Homo Baksha, along with so many other food and drinks.

The people of Polok-Kamrang, South Sikkim had a very creative exhibition of organic vegetables. Under the guidance of Mrs. Tika Maya Chamling, the people had made interesting models of animals etc, using vegetables.

                                                          A Mangpa made out of veggies

There was an exhibition cum sale of paintings and sketches, made by RAI artists from Sikkim, Nepal and Darjeeling. Likewise, there were many house-hold and food items that belonged to the Rai community.

                                                                    Paintings for sale

 Me, in the traditional RAI dress. Of course the power shoulders were my lil cousin's fashion tip. She designed it herself. Check out her designs at www.rainism-rohini.blogspot.com

 Overall, the festival was a learning experience and a display of tradition and culture. It was a colourful event and something that I look forward to attending every year.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Okay, so "Meanie" or "Evil"  could be my middle name and I wouldn't complain! See, I am not a good person (of course!), meaning, I am not holier-than-thou kinda girl. In short, I am not the Virgin Mary, nor am I Mother Teresa or anybody like that. I am 24 years old and like most girls of all ages, I like to hate some women. Some, that I am jealous of; Some, that I've had differences with. I also like to hate some men who deserve to be hated! So this is a story of a woman that I hate (Please note, NOT jealous. Simply, Hate!) and how everybody told me to let it go and I did just that and guess what? Life turned around in such a way that between the two of us, I laughed the last and I laughed the loudest! Perhaps, there really are no co-incidences and things happen for a reason. This is the story:

I met this chick through a friend and initially, I had no problems with her. The world had a vulgar yet apt nickname for her but that didn't bother me because she wasn't a close friend nor was she an enemy. I met people who told me stories about her sexcapades and scandals and even though in my heart, I judged her, on the outside, It didn't matter. She had her life and It wasn't affecting mine, so It didn't mean much to me.

However, I was going through a rough phase with my boyfriend and most of you know that I was stuck between two guys and all that mess. (Read previous blog posts for reference). Behind my back, without my knowledge, she slept with my boyfriend! Twice! Now, I know my boyfriend is an adult and I suppose he was angry at me for hurting him so he went on this rampage where he was dating a couple of girls and doing what most men do when they meet new girls! I was angry...Why? Because I knew this chick! She pretended to be my friend (or whatever you call two people who are on each other's list on facebook and have each other's phone numbers!). So that angered me even more. I mean she knew exactly what was happening in my life and then she just woke up one day and decided to make it worse for me. I don't know how many of you all know that feeling when that 'someone special' in life sleeps with another person and you just can't let go! Especially if that someone he/she slept with is somebody you know! It's like your heart's tearing open and every time you see that 'someone special' all you can visualize is the wham-bam-ram! and fucking damn....it pricks!

So yeah, I had my confrontation with her and harsh words were exchanged and blame games went on. I even mass texted common friends and told them what a cheap, slut and sic-like-a-disease that woman is! Then, I decided It wasn't worth the shitty feeling cos honestly with her cheap words, grammatically incorrect sentences and exaggerated rumours, I was beginning to feel worse! So I decided never to see her, never to talk to her, never to cross paths! (I did apologize for the mass text. That, I felt was too much!)  In the mean-time, my boyfriend and I dealt with the other issue and made up. See, relationships have a lot or problems and some times you feel like working on it, putting an effort, taking up all that courage to give it another shot. That's what I did. That for me, was the end of that hatred.

Then, like most dramas, the twist arrived! Turns out, she actually belongs to a certain group that the society despises. Well, that wasn't much of a victory, cos our society is pretty fucked up anyway so that wasn't anything personal but HA! HA! cos I know who you actually are but who you pretend to be! Faker!!!! Then, the strangest co-incidence came to light! That woman's father is my father's driver!!! So True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (E-news tone).

HA! HA! Yes, like I said above, I am evil...I don't think any of you will ever understand that triumphant feeling in my heart. Its something that cannot be described. It's one of those truths that come around and hit the face (not yours obviously....like duh!) so hard and so bad that it reduces that person to shame and takes YOU, to glory! That's the closest I can get to describing it.

Truly, He who laughs last, laughs the loudest!

 That's right Bitch! It's called Karma and guess what? You just got bitch-slapped! HA! HA! May be you should consider changing the planet or something! Just a suggestion...Your true colours are out in the open and damn....they're UGLY!!!!