"Who in the World am I?Ah! That's the great puzzle"

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'd stopped writing for a while...It's just that nothing seemed so inspiring anymore. Everything seemed blasé. Until last week....

 I've been spending a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. Not just any random videos but videos by Wong Fu Productions. They're a production house started by Ted Fu, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang. Their videos usually get millions of hits and are very popular among the Asian-American community. Well the point is, Christopher Dinh Nguyen, the half Vietnamese, half Chinese actor/producer/writer appears in a lot of their short films. 
He's a brilliant actor. He always manages to do justice to the characters that he portrays. I love all the shorts that he appears in but If I have to pick one out of all, It would have to be "This will all make perfect sense some day" (based on a short story by Haruki Murakami)

See, this is what I always do! Get carried away with the details that I forget what I started off with. I suppose its obvious. I am in love with Chris Dinh and he inspired me to write this Haiku. I casually tweeted him and he was sweet enough to reply to three of my tweets! Since then, life hasn't been the same for me. I live, breathe and eat Chris Dinh! 

Haiku: A Japanese style poetry of seventeen syllables. It has three lines and five, seven and five syllables. 

The raindrops, they waltz
Besmirched with the sweetest dreams.
You, my Illusion

And this is the MAN who's brought me back to life: Chris Dinh