"Who in the World am I?Ah! That's the great puzzle"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sims Social Phase

I am twenty-five years old and unemployed. If you must know, I was doing my Masters in Mass Communication is the so-called "Best Uni for Mass Comm" in India and then I decided I didn't want to attend classes! Yes, It wasn't like I was being ragged or having any sort of trouble in class. It was just that I was so bored attending the classes and somehow, I just didn't want to. I wanted to stay idle. That's why I quit. My parents, of course were not happy about a decision that I made on my own and I still get a lot of direct and indirect sarcasm from them, especially mother. Anyhow, that introduction was to let you know that my current state is that of an idle, internet- addicted, unemployed procrastinator. So about a few weeks ago, I got a game request from one of my friends on facebook, asking me to join her in this game called The Sims Social. It is a part of the popular game series, The Sims developed by Electronic Arts, released in 2000. So yeah, lately with facebook being a major part of everything in life, It's not much of a shocker that the people at EA would design a series based on the original one for the popular social network.

So what one has to do is, develop a character, choose your sex, skin colour, hair colour etc and then one is given a plot of hand with few things around. The task is to increase your neighbours and perform all sorts of art, cooking, music and raise your level. There is also an option where you can buy things for your house. With all the task that you do, you earn money and with that money you can buy things for your house and clothes etc. Its been about three weeks now that I've been playing this game and this is what I look like:

My character is called Shiori Kitano. Yeah, yeah the fascination for Jap culture is still alive in me. This is the perfect game for all unemployed, idle people like me who can afford to use the internet on daily basis. It's the best thing to kill time. You can also send gifts and ask for items that you need from your friends. But the thing is you can send only one gift per day. There is also a garden around the house where you can grow veggies and fruits and when you reap them, you earn some money and your level increases. Those are the things you can do in the game. Oh yeah, you can also visit your neighbours and perform actions with them, like "Chat" or "Show Appreciation" or "Insult" or "Flirt" anything that you might want to do or anything that the task requires. 

This is what my house looks like :

I know It's almost stupid, engaging full time on games like this but I really don't have anything to do or I don't want to be doing anything serious right now so therefore Sims Social is my life. God! I sound like one of those sad, pathetic people who spend all their energy and interest on games. Well just so that you know, this is only a phase and It shall pass. But again, It isn't so bad...I mean who am I to condemn "Gaming" like that. It's a personal choice you know. That's it and people who want to play can play, people who want to discard, can discard. I was only sort of suggesting that more people like me, play this game to kill some time. 

Okay my energy is low and I gotta revive it by performing actions with other sims! (That sounds weird, doesn't it?" Anyway, that's all I have to say about the Sims Social. Try it if you have nothing else to do...