"Who in the World am I?Ah! That's the great puzzle"

Monday, July 26, 2010

God is NOWHERE...no, not NOW! NO-WHERE....get it??? NO-WHERE!!!

We, foolish humans have unwanted desires...That's a basic fact and once you know it, you don't become the "Enlightened One" instead, It makes you just the opposite...Intolerant!!! Of course we have desires that may seem unwanted and lavish...Hello??? WE ARE HUMANS! Isn't that an excuse for the lives we lead?

Humans...Born to make mistakes and all that shit! Some times these things annoy the crap out of me! See, I am a pretty tolerant person and on a normal day, I can endure to sit next to a pious old man/woman and hear stories about how God is the sole authority and how we are nothing but mere souls, sent here for a while and that we have a better life waiting for us after we die....

Fact 1: I am an Atheist, Therefore, I have a dominant problem when people feed me crap like that. However, I am not a rebellious raging teenager that I'd join anti-christ cults and occult groups....Nor will I dress in black and wear weird make-up!!!! Like I said, I can endure that shit...What really pisses me off is the fact that I have been nourished and fattened with this paltry fact from the time I was born, that the thought about a "Higher Authority" has been tattooed in my head. It pisses me off cos people relate everything to God; Like how he has a hand in everything, especially RELATIONSHIPS & LOVE!!!!...I mean If God really loved the world, why did he sent us to earth??? And what's this whole shit about leading a "Good Life" now so that we can have a better world when we die??? God's testing us? Why would he want to test us If he loved us? Would you put somebody you loved in a maze filled with glittering temptations and test him/her??? And If we're so sure about this so-damn-fucking-next-life...Why can't we all kill ourselves and pass onto the next world???

Fact 2: When you start reading the stuff that you're not supposed to at an early age; Hang out with people you're not supposed to; Eat/Drink things that you're not supposed to...You begin to wander & wonder! Yes, You begin to look around and ask questions....question the faith, question beliefs & question your very own existence! After a quarter of existence in this planet, I began questioning. The funny thing was, no one really had the answers and It all came down to "God knows what is best for you." & "God works in strange ways" and "God is silent because he is listening"...REALLY??? Okay, so God, If you're listening, I want to know why did you let the earthquake in Haiti affect three million people? or wait, Why did you let Hitler and crew persecute the Jews??? or Why did you let so many innocent Japanese die on August 6th, 1947??? Cos honestly speaking, If you could tear the clouds open and part the Red Sea like in the Bible, I think you couldn't have had a better timing than on the days of such catastrophes, to do the same....

Fact 3: Things DON'T happen for a reason. It happens because you want it to or someone else wants it to! It's as simple as that. You love a person, It's your call. He loves you too, His call....He decides to love another person(It's still his call!!!) God has nothing to do with this! God has nothing to do with the fact that you're crying on your bed, heartbroken and hurt, with your own breath choking you and you don't know If It's okay to take the air in and breathe or hold your breath; Both ways you're gonna choke and honey, Both ways, you're fucked!

I wrote this blog cos I was sick and tired of people complaining about God and how cruel he can be cos often enough when you're wailing there with a broken heart, he's turning a deaf ear! Relationships happen cos we want them to. We love people and things happen because we want them to and some times people don't love you or they exploit you, only because they can! Simple as that. God doesn't make them do it! We're humans, remember???

So don't stay there crying on your bed cos he's going to meet his other girlfriend after he made love to you. He's doing it because he can and you're crying because you can...God has absolutely nothing to do with it! I don't mean to be indifferent and cold because I know what pain is and It hurts because that's just the way Life is. Don't look for reasons and explanations, especially when it comes to Love. Trust me, there are none!

......I may sound a bit crude and diabolical but I am going to say it anyway....If you're so depressed and feel like you just want to cease to exist, go ahead and kill yourself. I don't mean to encourage suicide...I am only saying, I won't call you a coward or a retard If you do it. If you still believe God works in strange ways and he has a hand in all of this, then well, I guess I gotta agree with the KING (Stephen King) and say, "God is cruel...Some times he lets you live...."