"Who in the World am I?Ah! That's the great puzzle"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Could It Be Any Harder???

And you were still YOU....
I wasn't me.....
I wanted to,
I couldn't....
Could It Be Any Harder????

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This is sooooooooooooo Funny....NOT!!!!!

Definition/Study of a North-East Indian( based on the Behavioral pattern and the Pro-Social Nature of the Ignorant Indians): Any fair skinned person with small eyes whose staple diet is Momo & whose language is "Ching-Chong". These people look alike and It is very difficult to differentiate between them even If one happens to be your really good friend. It is perfectly natural to mistake a stranger for your best bud (even though you know what your best bud was wearing when you stepped out of the house together and the stranger is in a completely different attire!). Yeah, that's about it! Nothing much.....

Okay, so I like Shahid Kapoor. I think he's cute and beyond that, he's a versatile actor. He's second on my list after SRK. Hence when I saw the trailer of his upcoming film, "Badmaash Company," I was delighted and obviously made up my mind to watch the film. Last week I noticed a particular scene in the trailers and trust me, It didn't make me happy.

Now I don't know If this film is a remake/Hindi version of the Jim Strugees, Kate Boshworth, Kevin Spacey starer 21(with of course, a lot of naach-gaana and hot girls in bikini and the elimination of an 'Old-Man' aka Kevin Spacey ...who needs an Old Guy in a Mod-Bollywood flick???)
If It's one of those "different" films that most of our actors talk about.
Anyway, I was lazying around, with the television on and the Badmaash Company trailer flashed on tv.
This scene: Shahid Kapoor & the gang are hanging around and having a good time...la-la-la etc and Shahid very "genuinely" puts his arm around an unknown Asian Guy, assuming him to be his buddy, Chang (or Zing, His character in the movie.Btw I think It's very innovative and creative of the film makers to come up with such an unusual name like "Zing" considering that most often, the Asian characters in Hindi films are named, "Bahadur" or "Thapa")
Note***Asian Guy & Zing= Small eyes, Fair-skinned Boys. (Co'mon....You can't blame anyone for mistaking them as one person, Can you? But hey, You better not mistake a Sikh with a turban for a Muslim Cause I am gonna beat the shit outta you!)

My point is....Is that an excuse or a reason for people from other regions of the country to think that all North-Easterns look alike?
This is pure racism and It's put so subtly across the screen that most of you haven't even noticed it! You've only noticed Shahid Kapoor and his washboard abs or Anushka Sharma and her longer-than-the-Nile legs. The reason I am appalled by this whole scene is that I cannot believe somebody in the film crew came up with such an insensitive idea as this and the director put it in the film, probably thinking, "This is funny!".
To which I have a response, "Sorry Mr Director, I don't find that the least bit funny. Wait...how about Shahid Kapoor mistaking another non-Asian guy for Vir Das??? That would be soooooooooo funny! I would be ROFL-ing. Seriously....cause It's not like You are this Crass Racist who thinks only because Chang has "small eyes", It makes all the difference, do you? This scene is very very genuine and not misleading! Is that right?"

See, I still like Shahid Kapoor and It's not like I am not going to watch this movie or protest or even create a group in Facebook. The thing is, I only wish that more people saw how Racism is encouraged and enhanced in this country.(Knowingly or Unknowingly) I mean, It's literally celebrated and then we have a problem when Foreigners think that "Indian" is the language of India. Most of the people in this country don't even know how many states make up this country and the North-East region is considered insignificant to them. I remember studying the names of all the states, their capitals, their festivals and everything about the state in a subject called Social Studies when I was in the primary section! I doubt the Ignorant people had such a subject in school. I am not saying that one should be a Smart Alec or Mr/Ms know-It-all....All I am saying is that you should know enough to differentiate between right and wrong.

And coming back to the film, Badmaash Company, I "genuinely" hope that the movie does not bomb at the Box-Office. With all his movies busting, Shahid sure, is in need of a hit. (No pun intended).