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Monday, February 15, 2010

His Name Is Khan

Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. The man is undoubtedly the King of Bollywood. I know some people "hate" him and often have something negative to say when I proclaim that I am one of his biggest fans and I Love all his movies (Yes, including Ram Jaane and Maya Memsaab and Guddu). The reason I adore him is far beyond what he portrays on screen and appears to be as an actor. For a Delhi boy with no Godfathers in the industry, it was almost an impossible task to make it big in the films but he has done it because he is extraordinary and he was born to do this. (Just like Sachin Tendulkar was born to play cricket & Kobe Bryant was born to play basketball).
I watched My Name Is Khan recently and obviously, I loved the film. I agree It didn't have a great script like the recent favourite, 3 idiots but SRK works magic in all his films and thats the reason he has fans like me. I think he's already answered his critics with his spectacular performance in Chak De India and now playing an autistic person suffering from Asperger's Syndrome in MNIK, I can say, He has answered them well!
People have this thing for comparison you know. They compare him to Big B and Amir Khan and Salman Khan and the infamous comparison with Hrithik Roshan in 2000 when Kaho Na Pyaar Hai was released is something which all of us will remember. The thing is, these people are all good actors! Why should we compare them? Is it some sort of insecurity? There needs to be no need for this sort of co-relative discrimination!
I have shed buckets of tears watching him lose his lover in Devdas; I have howled and had puffy swollen eyes after watching him die in Kal Ho Na Ho; I have wished He'd get Kiiiiiran instead of Sunny Deol in Daar! There is something about SRK that makes me want to adore him and make sure that he achieves success in all his movies.
I cannot put it in one sentence and say why He deserves all of this. There is a reason why he is called the King  and not everybody can reach the zeniths and stay there like him.
When you are born with a name like Shah Rukh (meaning: Noble Face or Royal Face) you know that you are sent from the Heavens to rule people's hearts. I guess it's his eyes, or perhaps his radiating personality or may be its everything about him that makes me and millions of his fans adore him.
Inshal-allah! May success kiss his feet like it always has and may he live a thousand years!
Yes, his name is KHAN and believe me, that's one name you will never forget!