"Who in the World am I?Ah! That's the great puzzle"

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yeah I live in a third-world country! India's weird...I mean on one hand, you have all the metropolitan cities that are so advanced and on the other, you have millions of people living below the poverty-line. I guess that happens If a country is so vast in area and mixed with too many cultures and races. Anyway, this post isn't about India; But why I mentioned the above was, some months ago LINSANITY took over entire North America and if something gets big there, usually the rest of the world has to know! (that's just the way it is) and I was here, like most of my country-men, totally ignorant of it. Another thing is, basketball is not a big deal in this cricket-loving nation, so I guess that's why I didn't see it on the tv as well! But me??? I've been a basketball freak since I was a kid. Those of you who know me, also know that I played basketball in school(I still do....yeah, it's possible for short people to play the game) and I have adored Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and worshiped him all my life! Therefore I follow only that one team but lately, I hadn't been watching any game so I was oblivious of this whole new wave that had created a tsunami in the west!

JEREMY LIN, 23 years old, 6 feet 3 inches, point guard for the New York Knicks. My brother had been talking about an Asian player but I hadn't bothered to find out who it was. Then one day, I was watching Ryan Higa videos on youtube(cos he's absolutely funny and I like the stuff he does) when I came across Jeremy Lin. I was like "This guy's cute" and then www.google.com and it was a moment of epiphany! Linsanity exploded on my screen and that moment, I turned into a LINATIC! 

You see, Jeremy Lin came to the Knicks when nobody wanted him. Oh yeah, the dude went to Harvard.   (ASIANS ROCK!) 

 First the Golden State Warriors took him but he was pretty much a bench-warmer there and then the Houstan Rockets took him (They probably thought he was another Yao Ming) but they let him off even before the season started. The Knicks were in a bad form and were losing all the games and that's where Jeremy landed. Then according to the sources on the net, most of the star players were injured and the coach, D'Antoni had no choice but to let Lin play against the Nets. Lin stepped on to the court and then, It was Magic! He scored, he assisted, he got the rebounds and the entire game turned around and people went insane....or LINSANE! It was like the movies. The impossible happened! After that, Lin helped the team win almost all the games and suddenly New York was caught in this madness they called LINSANITY. 
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What I like about Jeremy Lin (I spent an entire day watching his videos on youtube and reading up on every possible article I could find on him) is that he is so humble! And when you watch his game, you can see that he is one player who plays with sincerity and true sportsmanship. His game is anything but selfish! He's a firm believer in Jesus Christ and he makes it a point to thank God and give glory in all his interviews. Obviously the Asian Community in North America went nuts! And sitting in front of my laptop, I went nuts! I mean, somebody that looks like us was there in the NBA, ruling the game not with a fierce attitude but with his talent and humility! It was something the world had never seen before. Everybody was talking about him. From President Obama to Roger Federer and even my lazy brother! And how could I have been so blind????

One of my friend says when Celebrity Crush strikes me, It's a malady! Its a chaotic ailment that I put myself through! And the strange thing is I love it! I love, loving celebrities and Jeremy Lin is one of them. It's not just a crush though. I love the game and there's this cute guy who plays the game like he was born to play it! He's an example of awesomeness. And can you not love someone whose awesomeness level is above 900000000000

Now If you come across someone who says, "Jeremy Lin, who?". Send that person to me! I am going to give that person a good dose of Lintasy and fill his/her head with the Luper Linsane Love! 

Just a couple of pictures to prove that I play basketball ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reel Love is Real Love

Contrary to the last post, this one's not besmirched with any macabre elements. It's about one of those things that we girls love to shriek and scream about and yes, giggle and sigh! I am gonna declare my Top Five Celebrity Crushes and state reasons as to why I love them... (For Fun). 

In the 90's a t.v series called "The X-Files" was extremely popular.Now what you have to keep in mind is that I am not talking about the world in general but a country called, India and most importantly, a tiny state in the foothills of the Himalayas called Sikkim! Seven Oceans apart and thousands and thousands of kilometers away from where Agent Fox Mulder was shooting in a set in Hollywood, he had fans drooling over him in a pint-sized state of India.
I must have been in the 6th standard when I watched a couple of episodes of the series and honestly back then I was more fascinated with the alien invasion and the theme tune of the series (Too-roo-roo-rooooo! Ask any 90's child about it. They'd know!) but yes, DD caught my eye and I thought, "This man's kinda hot!"
Years rolled by and I did see him in a few movies and yes, as one of Carrie's boyfriends ( As Jeremy in the episode: Boy, Interrupted) in the famous Sex & the City.  Like wine, he seemed to be getting more fine with time.
Then 2007 came and Hollywood gave us Hank Moody- the sex addict, sarcastic, witty, Indolent, libertine yet awesome lover of Californication. Of course he won the Golden Globe that year for Best Performance by an Actor in a television series- Musical or Comedy. Also he's been nominated every year since the series started for the GGs. 
What's not to like about the man? He's rugged, has a sexy physique at 50 plus and the passion with which he portrays Hank Moody is totally drool-worthy! I love you <3

Who would have thought that curly headed dorky looking kid from Holes would have turned out to be such a kick ass bad boy? Of course I remember watching Holes and enjoying the movie. I must have been about 15-16 back then. A couple of years later, he's this cute boy on Disturbia and Transformers! (totally transformed and causing disturbia to us girls)

On screen, he's like this sweet decent boy who's usually taciturn and shy of girls. You know that kind of character that girls love to go "Awwwww" over?

Then in interviews, he's so blatant and cool and In-Your-Face kinda bad-boy that makes the girls go, "I-WANT-HIM!"

It's more than his boyish charms. It's the fact that he's like this cute boy next door that could make you fall in love with him without saying a word.

Okay...Basketball Dairies, Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, The Beach, Catch me If You Can, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Body of Lies, Shutter Island, Inception, J.Edgar.... I almost fainted while writing that. With every movie he's done, he's proved himself as an actor. He has evolved!

Right from that cute chocolaty boy with deep, passionate eyes to the man that he's become today, he has girls of every age drooling over him. I clearly remember when Titanic released. I was in the 6th standard and Titanic was not just a film. It was a sensation and the wave that stirred and caused this sensation that put my entire school (must mention: A Catholic Girls Boarding School) into a romantic deluge was Mr DiCaprio! Needless to say, we all drowned in his love and we didn't need anyone to save us from it.

#04: This one is a tie between RYAN GOSLING & JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (I'd be committing a sin   If I had to choose only one)
Ryan Gosling: Not only is he cute and drop dead gorgeous but this man can act! His brilliant performances in movies like Lars and the Real Girl, All Good Things, Fracture, Blue Valentine, Half Nelson and the most recent,  Drive and Ides of March has won him praises from film critics all over and the female fans can't stop lusting after him.

Gosling has that protuberant sexual vibe. You have to agree with me on that. He doesn't try too hard and yet when you see him on screen, something in your heart goes weak and in your eyes, he's such an irresistible, charming man that you'd kiss him at the first opportunity given, without a second thought.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: He was one of those American actors that was really popular in my school (when internet wasn't as accessible as It is now and the only possibility of seeing him was renting his movies). 

Yeah I was a teenager and every Sunday evening in the Boarding school, they let us watch a couple of tv series, out of which 3rd Rock from the Sun was one of them. I'd watched Angels in the Outfield as well so of course I liked him as Tommy Solomon in the series.

Then the epidemic broke. 10 Things I hate about You released in 1999 and It was a must-watch movie for all the girls in my school. (R.I.P Heath Ledger, who was equally popular). The girls went crazy and every one had those 10 things written down some where in their diary or scrap book. We knew the lines by heart and we were all obsessed.

Even now, he's grown and progressed as an actor, he still hasn't lost that charm and that sweetness in him. With movies like 500 Days of Summer and 50/50, He's proved that he's only going to be increasing more female fans in the coming years.

#05: It's a tie again...I really can't choose. EDWARD NORTON & JOHN CUSACK

Ed Norton: I remember watching Primal Fear when I was a teenager but instead of getting freaked out by the creepy Aaron Stampler, I was drawn towards him.

In American History X, I realized I really liked him as an actor as well as a celebrity that I'd love to lust after. Then I watched Fight Club and there was nothing that could be done. I fell hook, line and sinker for the man. For me, he over shadowed Brad Pitt and shone like a fucking bright star!

What's sexy about the man is that he writes as well. Any man who writes has an edge over the rest. He's even directed some films and he's actually a social activist. He runs marathons and raises money for charity. Isn't he the perfect man to take home to your parents???

John Cusack: I know most of you are not going to agree with me but all you 90's girls who grew up watching rom coms from the 80's, you gotta admit, Say Anything had you feeling like the perfect thing a guy could ever do for you would be to come below your window and play Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" while he holds that boombox above his head. (I still want that to happen)

Serendipity...I know most of you have watched that movie over and over again and you will not hesitate to watch it again If it's on some channel on t.v.

Another cool thing about this sexy man is that he is a blogger at the Huffington Post and writes strongly against the war in Iraq.

And this one's an icing on the cake....Later this month, his film The Raven will release, in which he portrays the noir and one of my favourite poets, Edgar Allan Poe!!!! . I can hardly wait for that one.

So these are the top five celebrities that I'd do anything for! They're all over in my dreams and in my thoughts. In my constant reverie. They are my muse. With the Real Men all acting like jerks and giving us, women such hard times, I don't see any harm in obsessing with the Reel Men on screen and falling in love with them. Ahhhh Love....such an awesome feeling!