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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yeah I live in a third-world country! India's weird...I mean on one hand, you have all the metropolitan cities that are so advanced and on the other, you have millions of people living below the poverty-line. I guess that happens If a country is so vast in area and mixed with too many cultures and races. Anyway, this post isn't about India; But why I mentioned the above was, some months ago LINSANITY took over entire North America and if something gets big there, usually the rest of the world has to know! (that's just the way it is) and I was here, like most of my country-men, totally ignorant of it. Another thing is, basketball is not a big deal in this cricket-loving nation, so I guess that's why I didn't see it on the tv as well! But me??? I've been a basketball freak since I was a kid. Those of you who know me, also know that I played basketball in school(I still do....yeah, it's possible for short people to play the game) and I have adored Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and worshiped him all my life! Therefore I follow only that one team but lately, I hadn't been watching any game so I was oblivious of this whole new wave that had created a tsunami in the west!

JEREMY LIN, 23 years old, 6 feet 3 inches, point guard for the New York Knicks. My brother had been talking about an Asian player but I hadn't bothered to find out who it was. Then one day, I was watching Ryan Higa videos on youtube(cos he's absolutely funny and I like the stuff he does) when I came across Jeremy Lin. I was like "This guy's cute" and then www.google.com and it was a moment of epiphany! Linsanity exploded on my screen and that moment, I turned into a LINATIC! 

You see, Jeremy Lin came to the Knicks when nobody wanted him. Oh yeah, the dude went to Harvard.   (ASIANS ROCK!) 

 First the Golden State Warriors took him but he was pretty much a bench-warmer there and then the Houstan Rockets took him (They probably thought he was another Yao Ming) but they let him off even before the season started. The Knicks were in a bad form and were losing all the games and that's where Jeremy landed. Then according to the sources on the net, most of the star players were injured and the coach, D'Antoni had no choice but to let Lin play against the Nets. Lin stepped on to the court and then, It was Magic! He scored, he assisted, he got the rebounds and the entire game turned around and people went insane....or LINSANE! It was like the movies. The impossible happened! After that, Lin helped the team win almost all the games and suddenly New York was caught in this madness they called LINSANITY. 
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What I like about Jeremy Lin (I spent an entire day watching his videos on youtube and reading up on every possible article I could find on him) is that he is so humble! And when you watch his game, you can see that he is one player who plays with sincerity and true sportsmanship. His game is anything but selfish! He's a firm believer in Jesus Christ and he makes it a point to thank God and give glory in all his interviews. Obviously the Asian Community in North America went nuts! And sitting in front of my laptop, I went nuts! I mean, somebody that looks like us was there in the NBA, ruling the game not with a fierce attitude but with his talent and humility! It was something the world had never seen before. Everybody was talking about him. From President Obama to Roger Federer and even my lazy brother! And how could I have been so blind????

One of my friend says when Celebrity Crush strikes me, It's a malady! Its a chaotic ailment that I put myself through! And the strange thing is I love it! I love, loving celebrities and Jeremy Lin is one of them. It's not just a crush though. I love the game and there's this cute guy who plays the game like he was born to play it! He's an example of awesomeness. And can you not love someone whose awesomeness level is above 900000000000

Now If you come across someone who says, "Jeremy Lin, who?". Send that person to me! I am going to give that person a good dose of Lintasy and fill his/her head with the Luper Linsane Love! 

Just a couple of pictures to prove that I play basketball ;)

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kode said...

i like the snippets in the end though, and it sure does prove u play basketball, and unfortunately things took a bad turn for me and linsanity has not strook me yet but i hope it catches up sometime soon